Switching back to old URL once again :(

Again after a long fight with my registrar I cancelled their services and switched back to my old url http://mnaphade.blogspot.com . Hopefully, I will get some good service from another registrar in future. So if anybody is trying to access the URL http://www.ex-geek.com will not be able to my blog pages. Here is one for all again http://mnaphade.blogspot.com .There are two things I want say which are on my mind right now, first is “Old is Gold.” and the second is, I remembered the story of that hugry fox who said those grapes were sour. 😀
And guys, please do not send me any resume or any references in future. I am not a very big shot who can actually help someone with a job but yes if you are a newbie and want to learn more then I will definitely do my best and help you, though I am not a master.